Happy woman.While there are many factors that contribute to a successful LASIK procedure, here are some items to consider to insure your best visual outcome.

1.Make sure your surgeon is experienced.  While complications during LASIK surgery are rare, you want a surgeon who is skilled in recognizing issues that may occur, and who knows how to react should a complication arise.

2. Confirmation of Pre-Operative Testing.  To insure accurate measurements, we recommend that you have testing done in multiple steps.  Your first appointment should establish your baseline measurements. Subsequent appointments should repeat those measurements to confirm that your cornea is stable.  Measure twice, cut once.

3. Artificial Tears, Artificial Tears, Artificial Tears.  Your post-operative care should include artificial tears on a regular basis.  The use of artificial tears helps with healing, alleviates dryness, and helps to prevent regression.  In nation-wide studies, patients who use artificial tears after their surgery have better visual outcomes than those who do not.

A good guideline for artificial tears use is 1 drop in each eye:

  • Every hour for the 1st month
  • Every 2 hours for the 2nd month
  • Every 3 hours for the 3rd month
  • Every 4 hours for the 4th month
  • 4 times a day for the remainder of the first year.

More is better, so don’t be afraid you use your artificial tears whenever your eyes feel dry or irritated.  Your eyes will appreciate the extra moisture!