No. There are some pre-operative procedures that must be completed beforehand. If you are over 40 it is important that you understand that to date PRK OR LASIK cannot correct the need to wear glasses for reading (presbyopia). The tests that must be completed before your refractive surgery procedure are:

  • Eye History & Examination to determine refractive error, absence of eye disease and your expectations of the procedure. (Previous examinations or your current glasses should be obtained to determine if your prescription is stable.)
  • Corneal topography (a topographical map of your eyes)
  • Pachymetry – A measurement of the thickness of your corneal to determine if the surgery is possible.
  • Hard and gas permeable contact lenses should be removed 3 weeks prior to testing and if there is any question as to the stability of the refraction, they should be left out until the refraction is stable.
  • Soft contact lenses should be removed 1 week prior to testing.
  • It is essential that contact lenses are removed for the appropriate time before testing.

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