First, we get you ready for the procedure with a series of eye drops. We explain the entire procedure with you, so you are aware of what happens next.  The total time in the LASIK Suite with the doctor is usually less than 10 minutes.

After your initial eye drops, we walk you into the LASIK Suite, where you lie down on the surgical bed. Your head rests in a horseshoe shaped pillow, so it feels stable and secure.

The doctor then holds your eye open with a lid holder, and more numbing drops are added.

A small metal ring, called a microkeratome, is placed on your eye, and a light pressure is applied.  Your vision will go dark for a few seconds.  You will then feel a slight vibration when the flap is being created.

The doctor then removes the ring, your vision comes back, and the flap is done! The doctor then opens the flap (which is a very thin 140 microns), and centers you under the laser.  The doctor will let you know how long the laser will be applied.  He will count down for you, so that you know when the laser will be done.

When the laser treatment is complete, the doctor will irrigate the eye, and close the flap, smoothing it back into place.  He will remove the lid holder, and check that the flap is back in place.

He will then repeat the process with the other eye.

After both eyes are done, you will walk over to the slit lamp for a final check.  The doctor will walk you out to the post op area, where more drops will be applied, and your post op instructions will be given.  We will put your sunglasses on, and send you home with instructions to keep your eyes closed for the remainder of the day.

Total time at the LASIK center is usually about one hour total.



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