woman dripping eye with eyes dropsTear film plays an important role in your post-operative vision.

LASIK surgery will make your eyes drier due to the creation of a flap in the surface of the cornea.  To accommodate for this dryness, a rigorous regimen of artificial tears is recommended.  The addition of artificial tears will help your eyes heal faster, will make you more comfortable, and will guard against regression of your vision.

Dry eye after surgery usually resolves on its own after a period of weeks or months.  In the rare instance where this condition becomes permanent there are a few options for treatment:

Cyclosporine Prescription Drops: Your doctor may prescribe “Restasis” drops to help your eyes natural ability to produce tears. These drops, taken over time, can help patients increase tear production.

Punctal Plugs: Are small silicon plugs that are inserted in the lower tear duct.  These umbrella shaped plugs block the duct and prevent drainage of moisture from the eyes.

Laser Punctal Occlusion: If punctal plugs are not a solution, your surgeon may recommend a permanent closing of the tear duct using a laser.